HVT001 Car GPS Charger

HVT001 Car GPS Charger

Never suffer from getting lost and dreaded low battery again. HVT001 is not only a car charger, but also an inconspicuous GPS tracker. HVT001 is compatible with the greatest number of devices on the market and can provide vehicle’s real-time tracking details. With HVT001, you can locate the vehicle, eliminating those unwanted emotions and concerns.


GPS + LBS tracking

Real-time tracking by APP, SMS and Web Platform

Voice monitoring

Send command to the device and you can hear the live voice around it

SOS call

Hidden button allowing SOS call during an emergency case

ACC detection

Be aware of the ignition status whenever you need

Plugged out alarm

If plugged out, it will automatically sends alert messages to remind

Dual charging port

Power up your mobile phone, tablet and other similar electronic devices

Compact and stylish design

Monitor and control external application via inputs/outputs