Features of GPS tracking device

•    Real time/ live location on map:  
With the help of the GPS device we can know the location of the vehicle. And we can track the location of the vehicle easily.
•    Speed Monitoring
With the help the GPS device we monitor the speed of the vehicle.   In this we set the speed according to our need if our vehicle is cross the speed then GPS device is send a SMS on mobile.
•    Distance covered in KMA
With the GPS device we also have a record of distance covered by vehicle.
•    Route or path take by vehicle
It also has history/record of the route and path taken by the vehicle.
•    Stoppage Report
GPS device is given the whole detail of the stopping period. That where and when is your vehicle is stop and how much time it taken for stoppage.
•    History details of 60 days
You would be able to check the summary of the routes that your vehicle went by along with the timings in the past 60 days.
•    Ignition on/off
GPS device is give you SMS alert in maximum 10 min when your vehicle is open without the key of your vehicle.


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