Frequently asked questions

Ctrack Live Security Systems provide GPS Vehicle Tracking systems, CC TV Camera Survailance Systems,

GPS (Global Positing System) is a tracking device. It is compact, lightweight, portable device which is allow fleet manager and with the help of GPS tracking device owner of the vehicle can track their car, truck, two wheelers or any type of vehicle easily. Basically with the help of GPS tracker a person gain the exact location of their vehicle. Not only technically but GPS tracker also have a great use in various stages of the life for example if the person is in difficult situation ,so the exact location can be life defender information for the person. It is work like a friend in need situation. Organization have a big advantage of the GPS tracking device. Anorganization can save extra due charges due to undesirable/unwanted or unsought behavior of their driver.

There are two important form of the GPS tracking device is first is Software and second is Hardware that convert or translate the data into important, useful form.

Hardware device:

• Device
• Relay connector
• wire

Software device:

• Mobile Application
• URL link (IP address)

Real time/ live location on map:

With the help of the GPS device we can know the location of the vehicle. And we can track the location of the vehicle easily.

Speed Monitoring

With the help the GPS device we monitor the speed of the vehicle. In this we set the speed according to our need if our vehicle is cross the speed then GPS device is send a SMS on mobile.

Distance covered in KMA

With the GPS device we also have a record of distance covered by vehicle.

Route or path take by vehicle

It also has history/record of the route and path taken by the vehicle.

Stoppage Report

GPS device is given the whole detail of the stopping period. That where and when is your vehicle is stop and how much time it taken for stoppage.

History details of 60 days

You would be able to check the summary of the routes that your vehicle went by along with the timings in the past 60 days.

Ignition on/off

GPS device is give you SMS alert in maximum 10 min when your vehicle is open without the key of your vehicle.

Inbuilt battery

GPS device have strong battery backup. It work maximum 8 to 10 hours.

Inbuilt memory

It has strong memory power. It can store 2 month data easily.

Stop your vehicle by SMS

In any emergency situation GPS device can stop your vehicle by only one SMS and it will be not start before you sending a start SMS.

SOS button

It also called PANIC button. It use for safety purpose for the person. If the person is press the button for 5 sec it will automatically send the alert SMS to the owner.

SMS alert

All SMS or any important information is gain by SMS like SOS etc.

Group View:

You would also be able to check the live location of all of yourtempo traveler through the Group View.