Terms & Conditions

Activating the Device

Your Device consists of a GPS Tracker, which determines the location of the Device by using signals from GPS satellites and a GSM mobile phone SIM, which is used to locate that location over the mobile phone network of our preferred supplier to the service. Accordingly.

You accept that the Device must be able to communicate with the appropriate GPS satellites, by line of sight, so the Device will generally not work indoors or where the line of sight is obscured.

You also accept that the Device must be in the reception range of our preferred GSM network supplier. If the Device loses connection, the Service will continue to show the last known location of the Device.

In order to activate the Device and use the Service, you must correctly enter in the IMEI and SIM numbers supplied with your Device, in order to set up an account with us.

Use of SIM card

If you damage the supplied SIM, you may not be able to use the Service until we send you a replacement. We may charge you for any replacement SIM card.

Note:- Device and Service are set up to work ONLY with the SIMs we provide. You must not use any other SIM with your Device as it will not work with the Service.

Device Warranty

We warrant to you (provided that you are the original purchaser of the Device) that the Device will be free from significant defects in material and workmanship for a buy period of time from the date of original purchase as shown on your receipt.

The Services

As with any GPS or mobile data device, the accuracy of the location information shown on the tracking panel depends on, amongst other things, the quality of the connection between the Device and the GPS satellites and the connection with the mobile phone network. These can be affected by environmental factors such as bad weather or the presence of tall buildings and information can be delayed, corrupted or lost. The information on the tracking panel is therefore to be regarded as being a guide to the location of the Device at the time of the last update received from it, and subject to error. At best, the Device is accurate to around 5 meters.

We do not warrant that the Service will be available at all times, as (in addition to the factors mentioned above), it may be down for maintenance or as a result of a fault. We will try to fix faults as quickly as we can.

Use Of Information

We will collect personal information about you when you register with us, to enable us to set up an account with us and with our mobile phone provider, and so that we can provide the Service to you. As part of the Service, we will send you SMS, e-mails and other messages and alerts in accordance with the way you have configured the Service and to inform you of changes or problems. It is important therefore that you keep your contact details up to date.

GPS Device Returns

If you are not entirely happy with your GPS device purchase, and wish to return it to us, we offer a full security refund if the device is returned to us within 7 days of free trial Demo, in its original packaging, and in “As New” condition. CTrackLive reserves the right to charge you a Rs.200 administration fee for cancelling the SIM card service and Installation Service.